Help Reduce the Effect of the Pandemic on Patients in Nepal

In March of this year, Derek Becker, L.Ac was volunteering in Nepal with MMW. He was treating up to 30 patients per day in a new clinic in Kathmandu. Derek saw patients for chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke rehab. He was looking forward to the arrival of his wife and daughter who had planned to spend a few weeks in Nepal with him, learning about another culture, immersing themselves in the Nepali language and customs, to understand how much of the world outside of the United States lives day to day, and to be of service.


Unfortunately, the first cases of COVID 19 were being diagnosed outside of China and so Derek was forced to return home. As you know, the next few months were chaos. Nepal shut its borders and we have not been able to send another volunteer since Derek left. Thankfully however, Nepal has reopened its borders and our hope is that we will be sending new volunteers to Nepal in the Spring. Our patients need us now more than ever. Many of the people who rely on us for their medical care are waiting for our volunteers to return so that their health and wellbeing can be improved. Between now and the end of the year, we are raising $10,000 to continue with our projects in 2021. With your support we look forward to returning to Nepal to care for our patients who need and deserve our care so much.

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Mindful Medicine Worldwide is a non-profit organization, bringing long-term integrative health care to people of developing areas, by establishing and operating free integrative health care clinics.


Our professional volunteers, Acupuncturists, Chinese Doctors and other alternative care practitioners, provide medical services and healthcare education. Mindful Medicine Worldwide is rooted in a practice of mindfulness, education, research and training.



Meet our newest volunteer, Derek, and his family


Derek graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in December and spent 6 weeks in Nepal last February. His wife, Linda and their daughter, Eve, intended to join him but were unable to fly into Nepal due to COVID 19. We are so grateful to Derek for his service.

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