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MMW Field Volunteer Recruitment Process

1)     General Requirements

(a)     Interest and commitment to exploring mindfulness practices

(b)    Availability of at least 2 months

(c)     Ability to live in developing countries

(d)    History of travel or work in developing countries considered a major asset

(e)     Flexibility and Adaptability


2)     Professional Requirements

(a)     Professional  level degree in relevant field

(b)    Completion of all licensing board exams relevant to the field

(c)     Practical experience is considered an important asset

(d)    Desire to treat patients in a fast paced high volume clinic environment


3)     Read our FAQ


4)      Submit Application Form with accompanying documents all together

(a)     Fill out application fully including all essays

(b)    Submit resume

(c)     Submit license OR school transcripts

(d)    Ask 2 Clinical Supervisors to fill out Letter of Reference Forms and submit themselves

(e)     Pay $75 application fee here


5)     Screening

(a)     MMW screens all applicants for suitability to work in our clinics


6)     Interview  with Volunteer Coordinator and/or Director

(a)     For all applicants who pass initial screening a 1 hour Skype interview will be scheduled 


7)     Acceptance into Volunteer Pool

(a)     Receive information packet


8)     Scheduling

(a)     MMW works with all volunteers who pass the interview to schedule a term of service which matches the needs of our clinics


9)     Training

(a)     The volunteer will attend, via Skype, a training with other approved volunteers, MMW Executive Director and MMW alumni


10) Submit Fundraising Proceeds

(a)     The cost of supplies for volunteers is $1000 per month. Volunteers are responsible for contributing a minimum of $1000 for their whole stay but are encouraged to raise as much as possible to support their project costs.

(b)    Volunteers may raise funds through social events and networking. For example:

(i)    Pot luck dinner with power point presentation

(ii) Letter writing campaigns

(iii) Facebook networking

(iv) Creating a blog with donation option
(v)  Some volunteers have found fundraising websites, such as, to be very helpful 


11) Complete recommended readings, mindfulness retreat, and purchase emergency evacuation health coverage.


12) Begin Service Commitment

Requirements: Steps to Completing MMW Field Volunteer Recruitment Process

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