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OUR FOUNDER - Grainne McKeown

Mindful Medicine Worldwide was founded by Grainne McKeown, LAc. It began as a one year long journey to Asia to volunteer in free clinics and since then has developed into a non-profit organization which brings Acupuncturists, Chinese Doctors, and in the future other alternative care practitioners such as massage therapists, midwives, and Homeopaths to free clinics in developing areas.

Grainne started her journey in 2008 after graduating with a three year MA in Oriental Medicine from The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. Grainne began in Bali where she worked in a midwifery clinic helping with pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care. She also helped to run a free Chinese Medicine clinic for local villagers who have no access to affordable medical treatment. Here she treated patients with typhoid, diabetes, stroke, cerebral palsy, gynecological disorders, infertility, debilitating muscular skeletal injuries and more. Once a week a pediatrics clinic was run for the children of the village. Here, Grainne focused on prevention of major illness, hygiene, diet and education about major illness.

After Bali, Grainne journeyed to Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, where people have extremely limited access to health care. Here she began working in two free healthcare clinics and also set up off site clinics where she saw the greatest need. This included a beggar's camp in Boudhanath, Kathmandu as well as a group from the mountains of Mustang.

In Nepal, Grainne treated up to 150 patients per week with both acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She often saw patients for stroke, asthma, gynecology, typhoid, gout, pediatric skin conditions and much more. After realizing the great need for patient services in Nepal she decided to return to the US and start Mindful Medicine Worldwide in order to give other volunteers the same opportunity she had to work in areas such as Nepal and to provide ongoing relief, as well as sustainable clinics staffed by locals, for patients in developing areas.


















Mindful Medicine Worldwide has a strong focus on mindfulness practices. Grainne has maintained a practice of meditation and yoga for over a decade and it has greatly influenced her life. She has spent time in silent retreat in forest monasteries in Thailand, as well as nunneries in Nepal, practicing both Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques. Grainne feels that developing mindfulness benefits the patients treated in developing areas, the volunteers who practice it, as well as the patients they will go home to.

Grainne has recently opened her private practice in Chicago and Evanston, IL. For more information on her practice, go to:


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