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Recruitment Process

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As one of the requirements of volunteering with Mindful Medicine Worldwide you will be asked to participate in a 2-10 days meditation retreat. This can be any time of sitting meditation practice that you choose. The following suggestions are provided.


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Kopan Monastery

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Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery

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Insight Mediation Society

For retreats all over the US

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Sites of Operation
Boudhanath Clinic - Urban Site

The Boudhanath clinic is a busy integrative care clinic in the Kathmandu valley, specifically in the Tibetan Buddhist settlement called Boudhanath. Boudha is a bustling area with apartments, restaurants, monasteries and a beautiful stupa around which thousands of Tibetans do kora (circumambulation) every morning and evening. The clinic is part of one monastery, and there is a second monastery in Boudha where a Tibetan Rinpoche teaches every Saturday. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear teachings on basic Buddhist principles. Through this monastery there are opportunities for retreat as well as learning Tibetan to help in your clinical practice.In the clinic you will work three to four days a week and have one day for outside clinics which may include treating patients at an elderly home, the beggars camp, or visiting patients who are unable to leave their homes. In the clinic each day the hours are 9am-4:30 and you will see around 30 patients a day. There are 2-4 treatment tables as well as a number of chairs where you can place patients. Here you will treat for 4 days a week and visit an outside clinic on the 5th day.There is a lot of collaborative work that happens here with western trained doctors as well as Tibetan medicine doctors. Some patients have been on western meds for years and want to get off them, or are beginning western meds and need support. In addition, there is a hospice center with patients suffering from HIV, cancer, stroke, and other serious illnesses, who you will also treat a few times a week.All supplies are obtained by MMW, with the help of public and volunteer gathered donations, and brought in by volunteers.HousingHousing is included at the clinic as is one vegetarian lunch a day. There is also a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. You might share a room with one other volunteer working at the clinic or have your own room. If you would prefer your own space, or are planning to come with a partner, rooms are available in an apartment or guesthouse in Boudha for approx $200/month.There is currently a hold on sending volunteers to the Boudhanath site. We will let you know if there is a need for our volunteers to be there again in the future.


Bhotechaur Clinic- Rural Site


This is our most recent clinic site in Nepal. Bhotechaur is a small village about 2.5 hours from Boudhanath by bus. It is up in the hills surrounded by lush countryside farms. The clinic is run by 4 local staff who are the Director, midwife, health assistant, and lab tech. Volunteers live and work with this wonderful team of caregivers. Each practitioner takes turns cooking daily meals in this community living set up. There is an organic garden that the health workers maintain and that volunteers are welcome to contribute to.Patients are seen 5 days per week with weekends free for rest and short trips to Boudha for supplies. Collaborative work is also encouraged here where the clinic is available for emergency patients 24 hour per day. If a patient comes to give birth in the middle of the night, it's all hands on deck.


Currently we are working on two more sites in Nepal and also in Northern Thailand.
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