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Recommended Readings

Volunteers are required to complete at least two of the following titles before their time of service.


Mindfulness and Healing

  • Medicine and Compassion by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche


Culture and Medicine

  • The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman


International Service Work

  • Mountains Beyond Mountains, a biography of Paul Farmer by Tracy Kidder

  • To Repair the World by Paul Farmer


Nepali Culture

  • Cave in the Snow by Vicki Mackenzie



Mindfulness Retreats


Volunteers are required to complete a mindfulness retreat of at least three days before their time of service. Below are some resources for mindfulness retreat in the US and beyond. Check your local community for offerings as well.


Vipassana with S.N Goenka- USA and International Location

Spirit Rock Meditation Center- Northern CA

Insight Meditation Center- Barre, MA

Gomde USA- Northern CA

Kopan Monastary- Kathmandu, Nepal

Insight Chicago- Chicago, IL



MMW Video of Life at a Clinic in Nepal






MMW Power Point for Volunteers and Schools

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