July 1, 2018

The bus ride to Chanaute was a long and bumpy one- 5+ hours of dodging large potholes and rocks that were placed on the dirt roads in attempt to even out the holes. The winding roads can comfortably fit maybe 1.5 average sized cars, but the drivers here somehow manage...

February 15, 2018

Chanaute has a very interesting climate. It is in the foothills of the Himalayas but there are tropical banana and papaya trees growing. It gets very cold at night, mid-forties in late December early January. During this time I wore long underwear, fleece pants and jac...

November 22, 2017

It is a gloomy November morning in Chanaute, Nepal.  Monsoon season has past, now going deep into winter. Usually the mornings start overcast and the cold creeps in all night till morning. But around 8am, the sun wakes up to warm the rest of the day. 

I wake u...

October 8, 2017

I wake up around 6:30am each day. Living with little electricity has put me more in tune with the sun and I find I wake at this time easily and feeling refreshed. I wash my face and then come back to my room to sit for my morning meditation. I light some candles and si...

February 8, 2017


Everything is going great so far. Mina and Bina are the best and very helpful, and everyone in town is very friendly. My Nepali is slowly improving. Clinic was slow to start but going well! I’m seeing about 10-12 patients a day right now and hoping to convince s...

December 27, 2015

Getting There


I had come across Mindful Medicine Worldwide 4 years ago, just before completing my Chinese Medicine course. I would have loved to have volunteered fresh out of university, but at the time I had a young son to look after and studying full time for 4 years...

September 19, 2015

First day in Chanaute



I arrived in Chanaute after a long, bumpy, and dusty taxi ride from Kathmandu. The first hour was spent getting through Kathmandu and the outskirts of town and during this time the air was filled with black exhaust spewing from most of the busses...

March 30, 2015


After a long and bumpy ride from Kathmandu, we finally arrived in Chanauti village.

It has rained a lot since I’ve been here, which is apparently not common at this time of year, but presumably is good for the farms.  The village is surrounded by lush farms and groves...

March 18, 2015



Initial Perspectives 

Since arriving in Nepal I have experienced many different types of emotions, I know highly unusual for the likes of me!  When I first stepped foot into Nepal I was so unsure of my decision.  Kathmandu is unlike any place I have travelle...

December 15, 2014












We have now been at the Chanauti clinic for 4 weeks. The clinic in Chanauti provides treatment for seven other surrounding villages. Ari is treating up to twenty patients per day, but there can be up to forty patients daily! The Nepali staff at the clinic ar...

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