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Chanauti Volunteers: Ari & Lisa

We have now been at the Chanauti clinic for 4 weeks. The clinic in Chanauti provides treatment for seven other surrounding villages. Ari is treating up to twenty patients per day, but there can be up to forty patients daily! The Nepali staff at the clinic are doing a wonderful job scheduling appointments for the overflow. We are lucky to have Min, the live in midwife as one of our translators, and also Buddimah, our in house chef and translator. We see many local people with knee, back, and gastric pain. Overall, the patients seem to be taking well to us and the treatments. It was a bit difficult at first getting into a rhythm at the clinic, but now we all are on the same page and things are running smooth. Ece, the current volunteer at Bhotechaur, is at the Chanauti clinic twice a week. This allows for her and Ari to treat up to 35 patients daily. The work is hard, but at the end of the day the satisfaction of knowing that we have helped 20 people feel better is worth it's weight in Nepalese rupees!

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